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Steam Plants - Standard
4052 2" Horizontal Boiler/Tyne Steam Plant - Assembled



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4052 2" Horizontal Boiler/Tyne Steam Plant - Assembled

Mounting Tray 
2” Horizontal Boiler complete with Pressure Gauge 
Tyne Single Cylinder Oscillator Engine 
1-1/4" Vertical Refillable Gas Tank 
1-1/4" Exhaust Oil Separator 
Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) 
Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
Connecting piping for all components.

Not supplied:
Mounting Screws for fixing tray in hull
Engine output shaft connections

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 $45.00  $42.00  $42.00 $29.00 


DELIVERY: Currently late May 2017.
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