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4058 "Miniature Steam" 2 inch Horizontal Marine Boiler



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4058 "Miniature Steam" 2 inch Horizontal Marine Boiler

2" Horizontal Boiler

Imperial Metric
Total Height 5.39" 137 mm
Chimney height above boiler barrel 2.95" 75 mm
Height to top of steam dome 3.07" 78 mm
Total Width 2.56" 65 mm
Width of cast feet 2.36" 60 mm
Length including burner 6.10" 155 mm
Length not including burner 5.51" 140 mm
Weight empty including burner 24.0oz 680 g
Water fill weight (approx) 35.3oz 1 kg
Start-up time from cold to 40psi (2.75 bar)   3 min approx
Running time/fill @ 40psi (approx)   20 min approx
Working pressure   30 to 40 psi
Maximum working pressure   40 psi
Number of cross tubes   6
Suitable MS Engines  


2" Boilers Facts Sheet

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