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Steam Plants - Standard
4072 2" Horizontal Boiler/Avon Steam Plant - Assembled



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4072 2" Horizontal Boiler/Avon Steam Plant - Assembled

Mounting Tray P/N 2838
2” Horizontal Boiler P/N 4057 with Pressure Gauge
Avon Twin Cylinder Oscillator Engine P/N 5028
1-1/4" Vertical Refillable Gas Tank P/N 4271
1-1/4" Exhaust Oil Separator P/N 4062
Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) P/N 4357
Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
Connecting piping for all components.

Not supplied:

Mounting Screws for fixing tray in hull
Engine output shaft connections


Mounting Tray 90 x 250 mm
Height to top of flue 140 mm
Maximum width 100 mm
Height to top of pressure gauge 95 mm

Overall length 280 mm
Engine height 80 mm
Weight 1620 gm
Output shaft diameter 5 mm


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DELIVERY: Currentlylate May 2017
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