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5000C Mildura Vertical Steam Engine - Non Reversing - Unmachined Casting Set




5000C Mildura Vertical Steam Engine - Non Reversing - Unmachined Casting Set

As pictured


George Chaffey left Los Angles in 1886 to set up Australia's first large irrigation project at Mildura.  The MILDURA steam engine is typical of many steam engines that he used to pump water from the inland river systems of Victoria and New South Wales (NSW) for irrigation purposes during the 19th and early 20th century.


The MILDURA steam engine is typical of the many steam engines used to pump irrigation water from the inland rivers systems of Victoria and NSW.  Some of these steam engines have survived to this day and are preserved at Mildura in the north western Victoria.

The MILDURA is the most popular in our range with most modellers opting for the Stephenson's Reversing Linkage.  The crank throws are at 90º giving the engine will self starting characteristics at any position of the crankshaft. By adding Stephenson's reversing linkage, the MILDURA becomes a marine steam engine capable of powering model steamboats up to seven feet on a boiler pressure up to 80 psi. - or just polish it up for an absolutely stunning model.

Width 5-3/4"

Height 5-1/4” 

Bore 3/4" 

Stroke 3/4"

Flywheel diameter 3-1/8”

Weight 2000 gms (when finished)


Click Here  -  to view the main General Assembly drawings that give a clear view of the structure of the engine.


Click here  -  to view the external dimensions of ehe engine.


Click here  -  to view extracts from the full Machining Plan Manual, supplied with the casting set, that show the more demanding components supplied with the kit to enable you to assess machining requirements for these castings.

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