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We recognise that model builders take great pride in their workmanship, but they can only produce superior results when applying their skills to superior basic materials provided by their supplier.

Miniature Steam Pty Ltd is committed to providing the highest quality products irrespective of cost.

  • Our castings are produced to the highest international manufacturing and QC standards.
  • If you buy complete assemblies, we guarantee that they will perform to our published standards.
  • If you have any technical problems we will endeavour to solve them in communication with you.
  • All of these commitments apply worldwide.

Miniature Steam Pty Ltd  is operated from our factory in Montrose, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The owner of the business, John Godfrey, made and sold his first models at the age of eight and has now turned a lifetime of hobby modeling into a thriving business. His professional experience as a metallurgist has provided an ideal background for the design and manufacture of the highest quality model engines offered here. He is a perfectionist when presenting his own products, and applies the same standards to selection of third party products offered.

The combination of alloys chosen and the investment casting (lost wax) method produce superb castings, an ideal start for modelers wanting to machine their own components. In doing so they are supported by (unique to this industry) documentation of all components required for the whole project – not just the casting machining instructions. This includes a listing of raw materials that may be required for machining of non casting sourced items, details of nuts, bolts and screws required and listing of other components that will be required for the whole project.

Another unique service offered by Miniature Steam is a comprehensive backup support for supply/replacement of individual components – whether raw castings, machined castings, pre machined components, sub assemblies, gasket sets, nuts, bolts and screws, etc. The current presentation is going to continue to grow. All machined components offered are machined using modern CNC equipment to exacting tolerances. They have to be if we are going to economically provide assembly kits by simply selecting the items required from our assembly stock. For example machined pistons have to be reliable used in the cylinders of many of our current four slide valve engines.