"Entry Level" Offerings

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MSM is committed to making products and support services for people that like the idea of making and running a steam engine that is not a "toy". We are constantly looking for a way to help/encourage this. Broadly there are two policies:
- The first is: we offer to all visitors: We will support you and help you with obtaining maximum pleasure when purchasing any MSM products! 
- The second is: we will try to make simple, low cost products - and support them as above - to enable visitors to test their interest in this form of modelling.

Currently our best "entry level" offer is the IMP boat kit ( P/N IMP - $231.00) with a 2" Boiler/Tyne steam plant (P/N 4033 - $600.00).You will only need a two channel RC controller and two servos for the boat - plus water, gas and oil of course!



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