MSM - A little history!

Posted by Stuart Rowe on

On the left is a drawing of a MSM Midura Manual Reversing engine made by John Godfrey's late father in about 1994, during the early stages of the development of what we now know as the "Big Four" - more later on them.

On the right is a photo of a finished engine taken a few weeks ago 

John is  the creator and owner of the MSM business Miniature Steam Pty Ltd. 

His father was a professional artist with an advertising company in the pre PC era, and made this drawing freehand! He did not have any of the tools we have now.

I've put it up front here to salute his skill and indicate the depth of family skills in the development of MSM. I think it is a masterpiece of drawing, as is the family of Model Steam Marine products John has masterminded!