14. Twin MSM Pevensey Slide Valve Engines

14. Twin MSM Pevensey Slide Valve Engines

A MSM 4” boiler powering two “Pevensey” slide valve engines.

This is an interesting benchtop plant. The MSM components are the two engines, boiler, refillable gas tank and displacement lubricators.

The client has added the following items to make the plant complete to his satisfaction:

  • a second flywheel for each engine, which is not a necessity,
  • a “blowdown valve” fitted to the sight glass fitting to enable accurate viewing of the boiler water level, with a condensating and collection tank.
  • a single exhaust steam oil trap called a “chuff pot” that services both engines,
  • a valve and short pipe going nowhere, fitted to the secondary port supplied on all MSM boilers. This connection is more commonly used to enable injection of water.

These are generally appropriate for a bench plant but not for a model boat.
The sound at the beginning of the clip is the boiler getting up to pressure and then engine start up when the operator opens the steam cock.

Courtesy: Jim Dale – alias “Blue Healer”

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