1. User guide for using the library

The pages in this library are written and arranged to help two groups of readers:

The first is those who are new to the world of model marine steam or nearly so. We recommend
you work through the articles in the sequence they are indexed. At the end we hope that you will
have had a good introduction to what is ahead of you if you take up the hobby. You should be
well equipped to proceed to the product pages to work out what to do next. We recommend you
carefully review the “entry level” products first. They will provide you with a full range of experience
of the hobby at the lowest cost. This will equip you to make better decisions on what to do
The second group are those that have a background in the hobby and seek a better understanding
of the MSM products. Although the articles are written specifically about our products much of
the material will be applicable generally.
The first section of the library provides an introduction to the items that comprise an integrated
steam plant. With the exception of the engines each of the items have the same function - just
the sizes change. The function of each item is detailed in later sections.
With the engines we have two basic but very different designs - “Slide Valve” and “Oscillating”.
The differences are explained in Library Guide 18  &  Library Guide 19.
The Integrated Steam Plant article has a oscillator engine but the same description would be used for a slide valve engine. 

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