19. MSM Double Acting Oscillating Steam Engines

  1. MSM Oscillating Steam Engines

    These three engines have become very effective in supplying steam power to smaller marine model boats. They are named after significant ship building centers in Great Britain. Large scale oscillating steam engines were commonly used on ocean going ships before the growth of steam turbines and then later to large scale diesel engines. 

    The 11mm bore/stroke Clyde is the premier product for powering smaller scale RC model boats. It has single servo control of both speed and rotation direction and is self starting.

    The Avon is a "scaled down" version of the Clyde. With 8mm bore/11mm stroke it provides almost the power of the Clyde but extended running times because of its smaller cylinder volume. Instead of needing machined casting, it was developed to be NC machined from corrosion resistant brass stock. Consistent with the policy of using established component designs, it uses many of the Clyde component designs.

    The Tyne can be seen as a "half Clyde". It's power is generated with a single Clyde Cylinder. It is intended to be used as a low cost engine for uses where reversing is not essential. The speed control is managed by a single servo as for both the Clyds and Avon. It is a very important engine when trying to serve the "entry level" market where price is critical and "finesse" is not essential.(see our "Entry Level Offers" item)

    Click here to view an introduction into how to operate an MSM oscillator