20 External Lubrication of Engines

20. External Lubrication of Engines:
In their simplest form, making instructions for lubricating model engines and other items that have moving parts is like the instructions given to new army recruits years ago:

"If it moves, salute it - if it doesn't move paint it!
The analogy here is almost the inverse:
"If it moves, oil it - if it doesn't move ignore it"!

The oil cup shown below is fitted on "Big 4" engines where appropriate and is very obvious. Many components being driven by cams that have small holes in their hubs, but generally you need to drop a little oil on every component that rubs on another, where the rubbing occurs. It does not needed to be a flood of oil just a drop in the right spot can do the job. It's up to you to find the right spot.
The industry wide description for the product to be used is called "Light Machine Oil" - which covers a very, very, very wide range of lubricants. We have extensively searched the Internet, and done practical tests and offer a product in our P/N 8322 as the best product for our customers. Like Steam Oil, it is packaged for industrial use and, to our knowledge, it is not offered in a retail package. For those seeking a local supply of a suitable oil it will be generally identified as a "clear stainless oil for sewing machines."  
We have been sending out sample bottles with most orders that included an engine and have had no feedback yet - good or bad!
We tried to match it up with commercial brand names but they all seemed to be more focused on the superficial values of their own products than putting them into a "paddock" for buyers to be able to make sound comparative decisions.
This what we are doing - but with the assurance to the reader that it is the best we could find in a very extensive market.
During the survey two comments arose frequently that we should advise here:
- "WD40 is not a lubricant". It seems to be considered as a "cleaner" - or some such other form of words, but frequently advised that it should not be used as an engine lubricant.
- The oil brand "Three in One" was isolated as not being suitable for the purpose.being discussed here. (I'm not even sure there is only one product sold under this brand name!) 
Irrespective of your choice of oil remember "If it moves, oil it!"