26. Special Orders for Variations to Standard Products

Special Orders for Variations to Standard Products:
The following comments apply to all our products BUT particularly the standard steam plants. These are carefully designed to provide maximum performance in a minimum space and still be convenient to operate. The components are matched to provide 15 to 20 minutes of running time “on the pond” after which the boiler and gas tank will need refilling, the oil trap should be emptied and the displacement lubricator drained and refilled.

While we are prepared to discuss varying a design for a customer, experience has made us cautious about the extent of changes that can be sensibly made.

The easiest variation to make is to provide the plant minus the engine where the customer already has one of our engines and it is suitable for mounting in a standard steam plant. As there is no extra work to be done we charge this at the price of the full steam plant minus the price of the engine and deliver it in full confidence of a happy outcome.

Another variation is to fit the Avon engine into a 3” boiler steam plant, that usually has the Clyde engine fitted, to obtain longer running time on the pond. The only caution with this variation is to keep the length of the boat to about 1100 mm as the Avon is slightly less powerful than the Clyde.

A further variation that we are offering is to provide a steam plant, minus the engine, for owners of the Graham Industries TVR1 series. It can be powered by any of our boilers, but the most sensible would be the 2” boiler steam plants. A small amount of work is required to connect the steam lines.

We also offer “standard” steam plants for a number of Caldercraft RC model boats. These are custom designed for fitting, or retro-fitting, to specific models in the Caldercraft range. These are:
           Imara - Twin Screw                      North Light—Clyde Puffer                              Joffre - Tyne Tug

The following RC models can be fitted with a standard plant:
   Imara - Single Screw 3” Boiler/Clyde engine
   Marie Felling - Harbour Tug       3” Boiler/Clyde engine
   Resolve - Salvage Tug 4” Boiler/Twin Clyde engines

Details of each plant can be found under “Steam Plants”

Modifications to other products are generally difficult to do - but at least ask!