8. Refillable Gas Tanks

8. Refillable Gas Tanks
Refilling Procedure:
This outlined in the formal Pressure Test Certificate supplied with each tank.
Refilling Observations:
Refilling a refillable gas tank from a master tank at first, can be confusing - because
● It is critical that the refill adapter tip enters the Ronson valve as vertical in all directions to the axis of
valve. If done correctly the gas transfer will occur with little leakage. If not both the refill adapter tip and
the Ronson valve can be damaged. Excessive gas leakage is the clue to not positioning it correctly.
● the first attempt may not present the shaft on the master tank adapter correctly aligned with the centreline
of the receiving Ronson valve, leading to lots of gas spluttering out of the misaligned surfaces.
● the refillable tank will not be set on a stable, firm and horizontal surface (OUT OF THE BOAT OR
STEAM PLANT!) leaving the operator unaware that he can and should apply more pressure to the
operation to stop leaking as well as correcting the misalignment.
● the gas pipe connection to the valve on the refillable tank has not been disconnected so that liquid
gas can’t be seen when the tank is full. Note that only a small opening of the gas cock is required to be
able to view the liquid gas trickle when the tank is full.
● there can be an expectation of rapid refilling! Depending on the size of the receiving tank, and the
amount of gas in the master tank, it can take up to TWO minutes! Just keep going until liquid gas appears
at the open gas valve.
● frosting occurs on the tank - this is normal. See Guide 10. Gas For Model Steam Boilers.

Pictures of the various designs follow. Details can be found in the Products files.