Center Flue Boiler Burner Components

This sets out details of the range of Miniature Steam burners and their components. These burners are suitable for centre flue boilers only.

Essentially we have a separate burner assembly for:
2" vertical and horizontal (P/N 4057 & P/N 4058) boilers,
3" vertical & horizontal boilers (P/N 5049 & P/N 4060)
4" horizontal boiler (P/N 5270).
The 2" Vertical "Econo" boiler (P/N 4056) has the same cast ceramic insert as the other 2" boilers but it is mounted in a burner surround that sits under the boiler.

Each burner set has the appropriate, highly efficient and unique Miniature Steam  CAST ceramic burner insert:

This is sealed into the burner shroud as shown following:

Except the 2" Special Vertical Boiler Burner (P/N xxxx) where the boiler sits on top of the assembly. The ceramic insert is the same as that used on the standard 2" Vertical & Horizontal burners

The gas tap shown below is used in static installations where there is plenty of room for the larger disposable gas tanks. It has our standard 1/4 x 32 tpi threaded fitting for connecting the gas pipe.


In marine installations the smaller, refillable gas tanks are used.
These are shown separately under "Refillable Gas tanks"
The Gas Cocks are all fitted with a 1/4 x 32 tpi male thread connection.

The burner shroud is connected to the gas source (Master tank or Refillable tank) with a gas pipe, fitted with a 1/4 x 32 tpi knurled nut for making manual connections when refilling a tank  

This also carries the gas jet in the end of the nozzle that is moved in the brass air tube on the shroud to adjust the air/gas mix when calibrating the burner flame. 

Special sized jets are required for each boiler burner. They are set out at the bottom of this section.

The refillable gas tanks have a removable gas refill valve – see P/N 4226