Language Translation using Google Chrome (EN)

Setting Language Translation option using Google Chrome:

Open Chrome - click on three vertical dots top right hand corner, a drop down menu should appear,
On drop down menu select "settings" and a substantial screen sequence should appear,
Scroll to the absolute bottom of the main screen & click on "advanced"
An extended sequence of entries should appear,
Scroll down the centre panels to "Languages" block heading and click on the caret "˅" at the end of the top line in the block. A further series of screens should appear.
Scroll down to find, and highlight, the line "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read" to enable the button to the right.
Close Chrome and return to the MSM website.
Anywhere in any page right click to view a popup menu. Click on the menu item that has "Translate" in it, a further popup presents in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Click on "Options"  and the select language and you should be presented a very long list of languages. Make your choice and, from then on, text on any page should be translated.
Repeat the right click again to access the selection window for a new language or to return to the English source. Alternatively click on the page refresh button at top left of your screen to reset And start again with a right click anywhere on the page.