MSM Model Boat/Marine Steam Plants and their selection (Start of Steam Plant Configurator)

MSM Places great value in offering "turnkey" solutions to installing a steam plant in a model boat. Fundamentally they are aimed to be a "set & forget" installation. We can offer many variants and have developed the following groupings to assist clients determine which variant to select for their chosen boat, or to find a boat that can accommodate a chosen plant..

The basic issue is to select a plant that will power a particular length boat and to make sure the boat has adequate space to fit the plant.

The groupings are:
Boats up to 800mm long and room to comfortably accommodate the specified footprint of the plants recommended. 
Boats from 600mm to 1.2m and room to comfortably accommodate the specified footprint of the plants recommended. 
Boats over 1.2m long and room to comfortably accommodate the specified footprint of the plants recommended. 
Definition: "footprint" is the area the plant needs in the boat for installation and sensible operation of the plant - generally the size of the mounting tray. 
In ALL cases the crankshaft goes beyond the tray boundary to allow for connection of universals in the propeller drive train. In some cases the burner jet holder and shroud may also exceed the tray boundary.
It is also used to define the area on a steam plant tray that is available for fitting a client supplied engine.

Please click on this link to read a document that introduces the features and operation of a MSM Steam Plant.

Boat Group - length This is comprehensively covered above

Plant Part Number: This shows the formal system part number that can be used to order a complete plant as defined in this table. The links show the layout assembled plant (and pictures where available) and details the components used and total price for the plant.

Boiler: This links to the specific boiler used for the various plants to assist clients in making their selection. Operating details of each boiler is accessed with each link.

Engine: This link enables an instant view of the details of the engines being offered in the standard plants.

Tray Dimension: This is the actual Width x Length of the tray - the plant footprint. The space available for a "Custom" engine is shown in the Engine column for Custom engines. Effectively this is the length of the MSM engine in that specific plant. 

Oil Traps: Most of this documentation is written with the assumption the the oil trap only has one input line. The Plant P/N 4074 can have oil traps that can additionally handle 2,3 & 4 inputs. Any of these options can be substituted for the single input option by email exchange. The handling of multiple engine outputs for other plants needs specific investigation. Since the multiple input oil traps are horizontal tanks space could be a problem.

Steam Line Connections to Engine:
All 2" & 3" Boilers use 5/32 copper pipe with 1/4 x 40 nut & tail.
Boiler connection to Tyne, Avon & Clyde use 1/4 x 40 nut and tail.
4" boiler uses 3/16 copper pipe and 5/16 x 32 nut and tail.

Exhaust Steam Oil Trap:
We use rubber hose to a 5 mm push on fitting on the exhaust oil trap but can make a special hard connection on request.

Please discuss with us your need for different connection fittings when ordering 

Use of the following table:
Please click on the underlined items to obtain further information and/or order an item.

Boat Group Length Plant Part Number Boiler Engine  Tray Size 
Group 1 Under 800 mm 4052 2" Horizontal Tyne

85 x 215

  " 4072 2" Horizontal Avon

85 x 235



  "  4038 2" Vertical  Tyne

85 x 170

  "  4071 2" Vertical Avon

85 x 180

  " 4033 2" Econo Vertical Tyne 90 x 190
  " 4034 2" Econo Vertical Avon 90 x 190
Group 2 800 > 1200 mm 4087 3" Horizontal Avon 95 x 250

  " 4050 3" Horizontal Clyde 95 x 250


 "  4049 3" Vertical Clyde 95 x 210

  " 4088 3" Vertical Avon 95 x 210
Group 3 1200 mm > 4" Horizontal Twin Clyde 135 x 350
"  4073 4" Horizontal Mildura

145 x 350

" l