Custom Steam Plant Requirements

Custom Steam Plant Requirements

Since developing the “Custom” steam plant concept, (see MSM Steam Plants and their selection”) we have found we were too restrictive in requiring our basic designs to be used for the attachment of a customers’ engine. This is still the easiest way to get a steam plant using a non MSM engine but not necessarily the most satisfying route for a customer. We need to have a better understanding of the customers’ real requirements.

It is important to us, to be able to use MSM components in a design because we know they will perform properly and not be subject to warranty debates. This includes a few third-party products that we are not making but have confidence in their performance. Engines excluded – except if you want to use one of ours!

Next, we have a very good knowledge of the finer points of how to put a fully self-contained, RC controlled steam plant into the confined space of a model boat and minimise the frustrations that can exist with a bad design. We aim to make steaming of model boats enjoyable, if challenging at times. We won’t elaborate on the “finer points” just now but they can be critical for a successful design.

Since we are offering this service worldwide, we cannot have personal contact to develop a design, but we do need enough information to be able to picture what is being requested and work with you over the internet.

Items that can make a design proposal easier for us to present, follow. You don’t need to supply ALL of these but the more you can, makes it easier for us.
We have marked minimum items with *
Relevant photos can be a great help!

* Your objective
* Length and beam of the boat
* Does it have a superstructure covering the engine space?
* Brand and model of engine or dimensions if of your own make
* Thread and pipe diameter used on the steam input to the engine.
Normal working pressure
Engine cylinders - Number, Bore, Stroke.
Weight of engine
Height of drive shaft centre line above engine base and its diameter
Size (diameter & width of flywheel)- if fitted
Overall length of crankshaft
Crankshaft diameter
Length of crankshaft projecting for connection to propeller drive train.
RC Steam throttle required?
Gas control of boiler required? – fixed manual setting or RC control?
Are there any special requirements for reversing control - if fitted?
Displacement lubricator required?
Desired run time per refill of water & gas and other maintenance actions
Is weight of added plant important? What is the limit?