Why the new website?

I hope that you remember this masthead - we displayed it for about the last 10 years. It was the header of our home page.

My name is Stuart Rowe, I built and maintained the old site and am building this new one.  I am writing the following in a personal capacity - not as a representative of Miniature Steam Pty Ltd - the owners of the IP of what is presented.

The old website operated on an "ezimerchant" platform - I believe owned by, and I show the current Google listing, "On Technology Pty Ltd. Phone: 02 8889 8889. Website: www.ezimerchant.com". (Copied 4/05/2019)
In the entire time I managed this site my "help" contact was a Joachim Schiller.

A few weeks ago I created two problems when trying to maintain the site and sought help. The site was Miniature Steam's shop window to the world and was inoperable. It took about a week for Joachim (pronounced Achim) to respond and fix the first problem but he did not address the second which was still leaving the site useless! After many more entreaties he half fixed the problem, and asked for further information - supposedly to complete the fix!

I provided the information and that is the last I've heard from him!

As result of this experience, I no longer have confidence in Joachim Schiller nor On Technology nor ezimerchant

This why I am now a devotee of Shopify! 

I do not expect to let Miniature Steam down by the negligent behaviour of others!