5007C Pevensey Single Cylinder Horizontal Reversing

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This single cylinder horizontal steam engine with the Stephenson's reverse linkage is typical of hundreds of steam engines that powered many of the smaller paddle steamboats used on the inland river systems of Victoria and New South Wales. The model derives its name from the paddle steamer Pevensey that is still in operation today on the Murray River at Echuca in northern Victoria.

Without the Stephenson's reverse linkage it is a beautiful little horizontal mill engine typical of the many hundreds of steam engines used in factories and gold mines during the 19th and early 20th century.  The model can be used to power a small pump, dynamo or any other similar devices.  The Pevensey casting kit is an ideal project for the novice or more experienced model engineer and can be machined on a small (3 ½ inch) hobby lathe  (See Sherline products on this site.)

Width "
Height 6” 
Bore 3/4" 
Stroke 3/4"
Flywheel diameter 3-1/8”
Weight 940 gms (when finished)

Click Here to view dimension outline drawing.

Click Here to view the main General Assembly drawings that give a clear view of the structure of the engine.

Click Here to view extracts from the full Machining Plan Manual, supplied with the casting set, that show the more demanding components supplied with the kit to enable you to assess machining requirements for these castings.