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4073 4" Horizontal Boiler/Mildura RC Reversing Plant - Assembled

4073 4" Horizontal Boiler/Mildura RC Reversing Plant - Assembled

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A twin cylinder slide valve engine as pictured

The Mildura is the most popular of our slide valve range. The crank throws are at 90º giving the engine self starting characteristics at any position of the crankshaft. By adding Stephenson's reversing linkage the Mildura becomes a marine steam engine capable of powering model steamboats up to seven feet long on a boiler pressure of 45 psi.

Engine Specifications:
19 mm bore x 19 mm stroke50 mm dia x 16 mm wide low profile marine flywheel
Maximum length—approx 163 mm
Width without displacement lubricator approx 95 mm
Width including displacement lubricator approx 130 mm
Height with marine flywheel—approx 135 mm
Weight - Marine RC Model—1990 gms
A displacement lubricator is included in each assembled engine
Suitable for boats up to 2.1 M (7') long
Matched to "Miniature Steam" 4” Boiler operating at 45 psi

Items Supplied:
Mounting Tray P/N 3013
4” Horizontal Boiler & Burner Kit P/N 5270 
Mildura Twin Cylinder Slide Valve Engine P/N 5001RC
2" Horizontal Refillable Gas Tank P/N 4260
1-1/2” Exhaust Oil Separator P/N 4064 
Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) P/N 4025
Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
Connecting piping for all components.
Wood lagging, brass binding strips and instructions for lagging the boiler.
Not supplied:
Whistle with fittings - please order as a separate item It will be installed at no extra cost.
Screws for securing the plant in the boat.
Mounting tray 200 x 90 mm (7.87” x 3.54”)
Overall length 255 mm (10”)
Overall Width 100 mm (3.95”)
Height to top of pressure gauge 150 mm (6”)
Height to top of stack 240 mm (9.5”)
Height to top of engine 85 mm ( 3.35”)
Output shaft diameter 8mm (0.32”)

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