20. Packaging of MSM Products for Posting

To ensure that our products arrive undamaged when being sent all over the world, we have developed special packaging. Pictures of the packaging of the Clyde (P/N 5009K) and Avon (P/N 5027K) oscillator Self Assembly kits follow. The components are covered with another layer of foam and placed in a shipper box along with the supporting documentation.




Except where the “Econo” boiler is required, the packaging of all complete steam plants, are despatched with the complete assembly almost ready to run as delivered.

Attached are photos of how the plants are packaged. The steam plant illustrated is a Custom plant being sent to the UK for fitting in Caldercraft Joffre.

First the Inner Box:

The steam plant is secured to a plywood baseboard with bolts through the baseboard and secured with 3 mm Nyloc nuts to prevent them loosening from vibration during transport.

The white double corrugated box shown above is removed from the first outer box, the steam plant secured to the baseboard is lowered into the first outer box, the white inner box is placed over it securing the base board firmly in place to protect the plant when the box is inverted. The first outer box is then sealed, ready for insertion in the second outer box.

Second the Outer Box:


The finished first outer box is sealed into a second outer box, to be surrounded by 40mm foam on all six faces as illustrated above. This minimises the chance of damage to the plant from the hazards of being handled while in transit.

The burner assembly, boiler flue the conical top cover for vertical boilers and all supporting documentation, are packed separately in a second carton  It is recommended that the plant should be left secured to the base board when preparing the plant for its first run "on the bench".

All that is required then is to:
- read the printed material supplied in the separate box,
- remove the four nuts holding the refillable gas tank in place,
- fill the boiler, displacement lubricator and gas tank,
- fit the flue pipe,
- add the cone top (vertical boilers only)
- calibrate the burner and fit it in place and attach it to the gas tank,
- start the plant up.

When packaging a steam plant with an “Econo” boiler, the boiler is dismounted and separately wrapped since is not secured to the burner when in use:


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