About Us


Using the latest range of engineering technologies to provide the finest components for Model Engineers, we design make and sell, a world competitive range of quality model steam engines, high performance boilers, refillable gas tanks and exhaust oil traps. The engines are/will be available in a variety of kit forms, to match the engineering skills of the hobby enthusiast. Purchase options range from “ready-to-run” engines down to the smallest individual component for any product. The high performance boilers and refillable gas tanks are built to the most exacting design code in the world and made from the finest materials available. For safety reasons the pressure vessels are only sold assembled and come with a formal test certificate. 
We also take pride in providing personal assistance to "newbies" to the Model Marine (and static model) Steam hobby. In the first place our "Operating Guides Library"on this website provides lots of basic information about the hobby and we encourage readers to contact us to help with any subject that has not been covered satisfactorily for them.
We are also happy to discuss and supply steam plants for bespoke model boats. 
There is a vast amount of detail data in the website and some of it may be in error.
We reserve the right to change an order if it has incorrect data, after consultation with the customer. 
We would appreciate site visitors advising us of any dubious information they spot when perusing the site.
All this is just a beginning – there are a lot more new and exciting products under development. We suggest you bookmark this address to easily watch our progress.

For posting items to the factory use:
         Miniature Steam Pty Ltd
         P.O. Box 16 
         MONTROSE Vic. 3765