About Us

At Miniature Steam Models (MSM), we are passionate about creating reliable and powerful model marine steam engines, boilers and the other items that are necessary for powering a model boat when it arrives "on the pond" - driving model boats that will delight and inspire.

MSM has been crafting the components and assemblies of these beautiful models for over 20 years.

Only the highest quality corrosion resistant materials available are used. These include free machining bronze castings, sheet brass & copper, and malleable nodular cast iron (for the engine crankshafts). We only use imported products like pressure gauges, nuts & bolts and special steam & gas control valves about 2% of the total value of our products. The other 98% is Australian made!

From stationary engines and boilers to "turnkey Integrated Model Marine Steam Plants steam for powering model boats, MSM has have a wide range of models that will spark the imagination of any enthusiast.

The MSM team is led by John Godfrey, the "creative director" and mastermind of all the product designs, and owner/manager of the MSM business. He works with a number of local machining companies, for production of castings & the their machining and other items that are machined from bar stock. These companies take pride in using the special skills for which they have been chosen.

Under John's guidance, they use his drawings of castings and other essential components, into precision items, ensuring that every finished piece is of the highest quality.

John supervises the assembly of what is generally "made to order" products from his quality component inventory. He can also provide you with the history of his design of his miniaturised version of the related original products and how his version works, to help you understand how to take care of your new model.

John believes that our models are not just toys, but engineering works of art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. He holds a lot of knowledge of the Model Marine Steam industry and will passionately share with you everything you need to know before, and if necessary, after purchasing any of our Model Marine Steam based products.

MSM is committed to providing excellent customer service and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our models or the hobby of model steam building in general.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of miniature steam models, we're available for help if re quired.