Shipping policy

Order and Payments:

On receipt of an order, we will acknowledge it and advise the expected delivery date. Our aim is to deliver all orders within two weeks.

Payments for orders using PayPal will only be drawn down when we are ready to dispatch your order. We have no special arrangement with PayPal, we only recommend them based on our excellent experience with their payments system – particularly the cost of and handling of international currency issues.

Credit card payments will be drawn down approximately 3 days before delivery.

Order delivery:

You will receive notification when your order has been shipped, that will include the Tracking number for the parcel. Your access to tracking information may take 24 to 48 hours to provide any useful information.

At this time, all orders are delivered through Australia Post, and we are subject to their rules for weight limits, and minimum and maximum package sizes.

There are no facilities at the factory for local pickup.

Unless otherwise advised when checking out an order, we will ship at the “express” shipping rate to ensure the order is received as soon as possible.

We have little experience with transit times for non-express orders to advise on that option.

Should it be necessary to use an alternative to Australia Post, you will be advised of both the name of the carrier and their quoted price for your authorisation before dispatching the order.

We expect that Australia Post will accept responsibility for delivery of parcels that have been assigned a valid Tracking code. We accept responsibility for deliveries posted without a tracking number.

Postage/freight costs are based on the weight of the package, calculated by an algorithm supplied and maintained by Australia Post, and will be displayed in the checkout procedure.

For Australian customers, GST is included in the product prices shown on the website and will be added to the postage at checkout.

Please visit our Packaging section in the Advanced Users Guide to understand how ordered products are packaged to survive the rugged treatment packages can experience, particularly in international markets. Our primary International markets are USA, Canada, UK and all EU countries.

Visitors to our website from the above markets are shown only the product prices in the primary currency of their country and no possible tax calculations are included. Transit times for orders can vary but our recent experiencing is that most
international orders arrive in about seven days. If you are not obtaining satisfactory responses to checking the Tracking number, please advise us so that we can start an investigation early.

In the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please immediately email us at with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. Unless you have experience with the items
ordered, please don’t attempt to rectify any yourself. We will address these on a case-by-case basis but will try our best to work towards a satisfactory solution. Our experience of this type of problem is rare. Most often the recipient has not properly read the instructions sent with the package. Please read the Warranty conditions set out below. The only material we send, that is not specific to the operation of the products in your order, is a page recommending you visit our website Guides.


Refunds, returns, and exchanges:

We do not normally engage in post-sale negotiations for refunds, returns and exchanges. Matters of this nature are detailed in our Warranty statement:


We warranty our products for 12 Months after delivery. If there are any product failures, on photographic evidence, or return of the item/assembly at the cost of the customer, we will replace, repair or return the item at our discretion.

This warranty will be voided if there is evidence of:
- use of compressed air to run the engines.
- failure to use a recognised steam oil in the displacement lubricator of an engine.
- use of steam oil to lubricate the outer moving parts of an engine.
- failure to properly lubricate the external moving components with a light machine oil.
- an attempt to rectify operating problems by dismantling components before seeking our assistance.

We have substantial experience in identifying the results of these actions.

This warranty includes a twelve-month period where we will provide unlimited free email support to advise on how to correct any operational problems. This includes helping new "steamers" to master their new products.