Custom Steam Plant Gallery

Mildura Steam Plant

Customer requested a Mildura steam plant with two flywheels for showcase presentation.
To add a spoked flywheel it was necessary to lift the engine on four “standoffs” as shown.

Gem Steam Plant

Customer wanted a steam plant to power his Oscar W Murray River paddle steamer, with an optional electric boiler feed pump. The Gem RC steam plant is shown installed in the actual model boat.

2 "Boiler/Avon engine.

Caldercraft Joffre model boat.
The steam plant was split onto two trays to take account of a critical bulkhead in the middle of the boat.
This now a standard steam plant, and can be found by searching "Joffre" for more details.

4" Boiler with Twin Clyde Engines

Caldercraft Imara model boat.
This is an other version of the 4" boiler/twin Clyde engines - Resolve, & Marie Felling that have identical. specific, spacing between the engines.
A general purpose plant (P/N 4086) model is available to enable customer specification of engine spacing.
Search "Imara" for more detailed information.

2" Vertical boiler/Avon engine.

Special for a Caldercraft North Light model boat.
The boat superstructure required the boiler to be located in an inverse layout for the standard plant. This rRequired lifting the boiler onto a stand and turning the engine around to enable the propeller drive shaft to pass under the boiler.
This is now a standard product. Search "North Light" for details

4" Boiler/Marine Mildura Steam Plant with Whistle on Stack.

Customer requested that a standard 4" Boiler/Mildura steam plant be fitted with a whistle high up the stack, to match the superstructure of his model boat..
This involved adding a support bracket to the stack to support the whistle and modified steam piping to fit the whistle. Search "4" Boiler/ Mildura with whistle"

Recommended Makers of Model Boats .

Caldercraft Model boat kits:
Joffre - Single screw - 2" Horiz. Boiler/Clyde Engine
North Light - Single Screw - 2" Vert. Boiler/Avon Engine
Talacre -  Single Screw - 2" Horiz. Boiler/Avon engine   
Marie Felling
- Single Screw - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Clyde Engine
Marie Felling - Twin Screw - 4" Horiz. Boiler/Twin Clyde Engines
Imara  - Single Screw - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Clyde Engine
- Twin Screw - 4" Boiler/Twin Clyde Engines
Schaarhorn -Twin Screw - 4" Boiler/Twin Clyde Engines 
Resolve  - 4" Horiz Boiler/Twin Clyde Engines

Krick Model Boats:
Anna- Single Screw - 2" "Econo" Vert. Boiler/Avon Engine
Victoria - Single screw - 3" Boiler/Clyde Engine
Alexanda - Single Screw - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Clyde Engine
Borkum - Single Screw - 3" Horiz Boiler/Clyde Engine

Mobile Marine Models:
Lady Wooes - Twin Screws - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Twin Clyde Engines
Lady Jan - Single Screw -3" Horiz Boiler/Clyde Engine
Canning - Single Screw - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Clyde Engine
Lady T - Twin Screw - 3" Horiz. Boiler/Twin Avon Engines
Steam Launch - Single Screw - 3" Vert. Boiler/Clyde Engine