4049W 3" Vertical/Clyde Steam Plant - Assembled - with whistle

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Mounting Tray P/N 2786 
3” Vertical Copper Boiler P/N 4059 
3” Burner Kit P/N 4016
Clyde Twin Cylinder Engine P/N 5009  Click this link for: Oscillator Reversing/throttle Valve Settings
1-1/2 “ Vertical Refillable Gas Tank P/N 4272
1-1/4” Exhaust Oil Separator P/N 4062A
Whistle with fittings P/N 5256F
Refillable Gas Tank Adaptor- Long (95 mm) P/N 4357
Screws/Bolts for Securing Components to Mounting Tray
Connecting piping for all components.
Wood lagging, brass binding strips and instructions for lagging the boiler.

Not supplied:

Mounting Screws for fixing tray into the boat
Engine output shaft connections

Mounting tray 95 x 210 mm 
Height to top of pressure gauge 150 mm (6”)
Height to top of stack 240 mm (9.5”)
Height to top of engine 85 mm ( 3.35”)
Weight 1960 gm