4082 Caldercraft Imara, Marie Fellling & Resolve Twin Screw Steam Plant Assembly Kit Complete

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4082 Caldercraft Imara, Marie Felling & Resolve Twin Engine Steam Plant 
MSM 4" horizontal boiler complete with cast ceramic burner
Twin Clyde oscillating engines. P/N 5009   Click this link for: Oscillator Reversing/throttle Valve Settings
2" Horizontal refillable gas tank
Twin engine exhaust steam oil trap
Tray size: 152 x 300 mm.
Distance between engine centers: 125mm (Imara & Marie Felling: Resolve TBA)
If a whistle is required please order as 
separate item. 
Following is a 67 second video of the plant in operation in an Imara hull. 

Note the different propeller speeds and rotation direction for each screw that can be achieved with two servos - one for each engine, controlling both reversing & throttle .
The boiler used is a Miniature Steam 4” horizontal.