4226 Refillable Gas Tank Refill "MSM Easy Fill Valve"

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MSM have a new gas refill valve, the "MSM Easy Fill Valve" that will be fitted to all future production.
It is precision machined from brass and replaces the original Ronson valve while using the same standard Ronson M 4.5/0.5 pitch thread.
MSM gas tanks fitted with the old Ronson valve can be easily upgraded with the new "MSM Easy Fill Valve" (contact MSM for details)
The new "MSM Easy Fill Valve" gives a cleaner & faster fill by giving better venting than the old type valve.
Each valve comes with a built in nitrile sealing ring.
ALSO: We are considering providing a vertical 2" dia. tank for operating plants with plenty of vertical space but restricted horizontal space. We would appreciate suggestions.