4056 - 2 inch "Econo" Vertical Marine Boiler

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This boiler is a variant of the standard 2" vertical boiler (P/N 4057) and performs as well, but has a lower cost of production, requires slightly less space.

Boiler specifications:
Diameter                                2” 50.8 mm
Boiler water capacity                75 ml
Working pressure                     25 psi  1.6.bar
Test pressure                           80 psi  5.32 bar
Running time Approx.               10 min at 25 psi

              Copper Boiler includes:
                       Pressure gauge
                       Safety valve
                       Water sight glass
                       Gas fired cast ceramic burner
                       Burner tube for attaching to a MSM refillable gas tank
                       Pressure test certificate

Design & Construction Standards:

“Miniature Steam”, boilers are built to the highest quality standards.

They comply. where appropriate, with the following design, construction and testing requirements of:
- Australian Standard AS 4343 Level E
Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee, (AMBSC) code part 3 Issue 1.0 - 2006 Sub-Miniature Boilers and AMBSC code part I . Issue 7 - 2001 
- UK Boiler Test Code 2018 – Volume 2 

Every aspect of the boilers has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to meet the highest possible steam generation performance. Each has been designed and manufactured by “Miniature Steam, including the cast ceramic burner insert