5003S Echuca Single Cylinder Reversing engine with Spoked Flywheel

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5003S Echuca Single Cylinder Vertical Steam Engine - Reversing - Traditional Spoked Flywheel

The Echuca is typical of many vertical stationary single cylinder steam engines used in the 19th and early 20th century in Australia.  Engines of this type were use in the gold fields, saw mills and small factories.

 By adding Stephenson's reversing linkage the Echuca can become a marine steam engine capable of powering model steamboats up to 1.5 (3'6") long on a boiler pressure of about 40 psi. When choosing an engine for your project please note that this engine is not necessarily self starting. If this is a requirement a twin cylinder engine should be used.  

The Echuca casting set is an ideal project for the novice or more experienced model engineer. It can be machined on a small (3 ½ inch) hobby lathe. 

3/4" Bore  x 3/4"  Stroke, and a 3-1/8” flywheel diameter. 

Weight 1000 gms

Overall Dimensions 
Overall view of critical dimensions. Note that this model requires the engine to be mounted on a raised surface to allow the special depth clearance required for the flywheel ( not supplied with order)